Soon after the Lodge of King Solomon's Temple, No, 4611 was founded in 1924, came the inspiration to establish Royal Arch Masonry in the Holy Land.
Supreme Grand Chapter thought the application premature, and it was not until the petition for the Lodge of the Four Hills, No 5185 (sponsored by K.S.T. 4611) was approved, and the visit of a team of Consecrating Officers from Grand Lodge anticipated. A renewed application that 'The Temple Chapter at Jerusalem' should be consecrated and attached to our Lodge.

Several keen craft Masons dashed down to Egypt to join the Royal Arch and qualify as founders which accounts for the support from Pelsium Chapter at Port Said and from Bulwer Chapter at Cairo.
In 1929 we were on good terms with the Grand Mufti and members of the Supreme Moslem Council, and it was seriously proposed that the Consecration could take place in the Cavern beneath the dome of the lock. Literally amid the ruins of the first temple This proposal was abandoned because of rioting and unrest that occurred at this time.

Hard work and enthusiasm was required to obtain Regalia and furniture from England. The founders made great efforts locally, E. Comps. Bell and Rowlands provided the Altar, a double cube, a solid block of stone from the Quarries at Beit Safafa, beautifully polished and carved with symbols. It weighed almost 3 cwts. E. Comp. Marshall provided the V.S.L., and Comp. Tear carved a set of large Working Tools of Olive Wood, a difficult wood to work.

E.Comp. Cowell went to Damascus and found some brass candelabra, which were made into the six lights. The white poplin robes of the Scribes and Sojourners were made locally and cost 100 mils (lOP) per metre.

At the Muristan, Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday 3rd April 1930 the great day had arrived, and 29 companions were present at an impressive and beautiful ceremony, materially helped by E.Comp. Francis, an accomplished organist.

The Consecration was performed by E.Comp. Sir Colville Smith. C.D.D. Grand Scribe E. assisted by E.Comp. Revd. W. P. Besley, M.H., M.D.D., P.G.S.N. as 'J', E.Comp. H. Burnett Brown P.G.Soj. as 'S.N.', E.Comp. Ransford Collett, P.Dep. G.D.C., as D.C. E.Comp. C. W. Cowell was installed as First Principal, E.Comp. Francis D. Marshall M.H. 407
D.G. Org. (Malta) as Second Principal and Comp. J. F. Rowlands, O.B.E., as Third Principal.

The working of the Chapter was the 'Oxford Ritual' on the advice of Sir Colville Smith, who in 1931 took E.Comp. Cowell to Chapters in that City as an observer.
For one year there was only one First Principal in the Country so E.Comp. Cowell took Comps. Marshall and Rowlands to Port Said, by sea, where by the gracious help of Pelusium Chapter, he Installed these companions as Second and Third Principals respectively.  For some years the members of the Chapter wore evening dress, and white ties. In 1935 an instruction was received from Supreme Grand Chapter "white waistcoats may now be worn.

From December 1937, until November 1940, the Chapter met in the Muristan, and by courtesy of the Holy City (Scottish Cons.) held our Convocations in the Baddour Building, St. Julians Way. Again in 1947, the Old City could not be used and Convocations were held at the Villa Rosemary. The last two meetings had to be held at the Y.M.C.A. Jerusalem. At the final Convocation to be held in the Holy Land, on 8th December, 1948 two members, E.Comps. Chaikin and Mulford were present also attending were six visitors from Holy City Chapter (Scottish Cons).
The Temple Chapter at Jerusalem, No. 4611.
(Consecrated  3rd April 1930)
Meets at:
Mark Masons Hall,
86 St James Street,
1st Friday in May.
2nd Friday in September (Installation).
1st Friday in December.  
The Chapter practices the "Oxford Ritual"