The distinguishing characteristics of a Freemason's heart.

"Blesses him who gives".

Charity, a most important part, if not the most important part of Freemasonry. Our Lodge has a proud record of supporting all the known Masonic Charities and at times supporting nonMasonic Charities. Each year the W.M. nominates the charity that he wishes to support during his year in office and the Brethren are asked to support him accordingly.  It is the practice of the Lodge to support the various charities in rotation thereby ensuring a fair distribution of the contributions.  Our predecessors set a high standard, which has been maintained ever since. A heavy claim is made on the generosity of the members due to increasing and deserving cases and this generosity is always forthcoming.

Some of the charitable qualifications earned by our members can be seen on the front of our Summons whilst it should be realised that much of our efforts quite properly, are never displayed.

We have for many years enjoyed a special relationship with the R.M.H. which we have continued to support since our Consecration in Jerusalem.  During the years in Palestine it was an annual practice to send a crate of (Jaffa) Oranges and Grapefruit to the U.K. to be enjoyed by the Patients and Staff of the R.M.H. The Lodge was reliably informed that at some Staff Christmas Dinners and Dances it was not unusual for the Menu to include an item, "Grapefruit from Jerusalem per favour of King Solomon's Temple Lodge." This comparatively simple act by the Lodge caused much discussion and pleasure among those attending particularly Freemason's.

"As well as he who receives"

Our lodge has over the years, enjoyed the support of the Royal Masonic Girls and Boys School and several of our children have been Pupils at these Schools or have been supported by the Trust. Some of our Widows have been supported by the R.M.B.I. and some dependants have been supported by the Grand Charity and the L.G.R. Association. One of our members and his wife, also one of our Widows spent their last few years in an R.M.B.I. retirement Home. Many members and some of their dependants have over the years received treatment at the R.M.H., sometimes assisted by the Samaritans Fund. All these Charities are available for our assistance should we find ourselves in need and it essential that we support them as generously as we are able.

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