The Wooden Spoon Charity single, in the charts last Christmas, aimed to raise money to help disadvantage children with disabilities. The single is now available to purchase on iTunes and other online retailers for £0.99 (🎵Download a copy today here

Here is a video: showing how the money raised is spent, e.g. building a school's children play ground. 

I have attached some pictures from our Wooden Spoon Charity Armistice Remembrance Day Rugby Tour. 
‘One of our newest members has recently been on a Remembrance Day rugby tour to raise money for a charity called "Wooden Spoon". (Click here)’.  (Click here to view)

This charities mission is: "To positively transform the lives of children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland through the power of rugby".

King Solomons Temple has had a collection within its membership in support of this charity supported by one of its members. 

Below you will see some interestinf facts about the charity.