The 'Ritual' of the Lodge is like the Lodge itself unique, and when our Founders were deciding what form this should take, they had to consider their own origins and workings.
They came from lodges in Khartoum, Sierra Leone, London, Lagos, Hong Kong, Scotland, Jamaica, Nigeria, Manchester, France, Cairo, Shanhgai, Shrewsbury, Gloucester and other far flung places.  Obviously most of them wanted where possible to have a part of their 'Working' included and these differences can be seen in our Ritual which is maintained unaltered today.

To write a completely new Ritual and have it printed was financially impossible, and after much deliberation they decided that the Book of Emulation Ritual appeared to be the most convenient and acceptable. They used this Ritual Book as a vehicle to carry the working that they had by now agreed to use. The result was "The Jerusalem Ritual of the Lodge of King Solomon's Temple". This was agreed in open lodge and sent to Grand Lodge for approval, which was freely given. Even today we hear visitors to the Lodge calling our working, Emulation with differences, this is not the case and perhaps our members might like to enlighten them on these occasions.

Some of the differences are that the Lodge is always 'squared' and the W.M. is saluted whenever a Bro. passes his pedestal. The assistant officers explain their duties in the three 'openings'. The Rough Ashlar is used in two of the Degrees and both Ashlars are positioned on the floor of the lodge.

The D. of C. is directly responsible to the W.M. for the ceremony in the Lodge and the proceedings at the Festive Board.

No Masonic 'fire' was used during the Festive board, either in the Craft, Chapter of Mark Lodges Jerusalem was and still is, a clamorous and turbulent City, and it was considered unwise to use any type of fire, which could be construed as gunfire. These traditions and many others that can be seen during our ceremonies are still in use in the Craft, Chapter and Mark Lodges.