Joined Lodge of King Solomon's Temple,
No. 4611
(E.C) in 1944. Lodge Tyler 1944-48.

(Lodge moved to England 1948.)
Honorary Membership of Lodge of
King Solomon's Temple No. 4611,
in February 1987.

Joining Member of the
Temple Chapter at Jerusalem,
No. 4611. Elected Janitor of the Chapter.

Initiate and P.M. of Golden Throne Lodge, No. 1344 (S.C).

Joining Member of the Lodge of the Four Hills Jerusalem.

Joining Member of the Holy City Lodge, Jerusalem. Both of these Lodges also met at the Muristan Hall, Jerusalem.

Joining Member of King Solomon's Quarries Mark Lodge, No. 828.

W. Bro. Judy was a Lecturer in Arabic and Superintendent of the Masonic Rooms, Muristan, Old City of Jerusalem. His obvious skills in Arabic were put to full use as an active member of a committee responsible for translating the Masonic ritual and Mark degree into Arabic.

Whilst Secretary of the Golden Throne Lodge, No. 1344, he published Lodge Notes on a monthly basis to over 400 members of various denominations.
For these accomplishments, his numerous duties as Tyler and Janitor of Lodges in addition to our Lodge and other Masonic work, the Grand Lodge of Scotland awarded him the Distinguished Service Membership Certificate.

Our W. Bro. whilst journeying back to Jerusalem after a visit to Canada, in 1973, attended a regular meeting of the Lodge in London. His fascinating speech at the Festive Board, on the subject of our Lodge in Jerusalem, will long be remembered by those present.

He was awarded with Honorary Membership of our Lodge in February, 1987, and in October, 1987, made the long journey from his home in Jerusalem to attend a regular meeting of the Lodge and thank the Brethren for the honour that had been awarded him.

This magnificent effort by our W. Bro. typifies his hard work, dedication and love of Freemasonry and of the Lodge of King Solomon's Temple in particular. It could be used as a yardstick by us all.


Died 22nd April, 1962.
Founder and first Master of our Lodge.
Secretary 1927-38, 1948-62.

Founder of Four Hills Lodge, Jerusalem,
No. 5185. Past Assistant Grand Supt. Works,
(England).  Overseas Rank.

Initiate and Past Master of Volunteer Lodge,
Manchester, No. 2905.
Initiated 12th December, 1902.

Founder and First Principal of the Chapter of the Temple at Jerusalem No. 4611.

Founder of the Jordan Chapter at Jaffa, No. 663.
(Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland).

Past Grand Standard Bearer (England).

Founder and first Master of the King Solomon's Quarries of Mark Master Masons, Jerusalem, No 828.

Past Grand Inspector of Works (England).

Past District Grand Warden (District of North Africa).

A Consecrating Officer and Honorary Member of Othello Lodge, the Famagusta, No. 5670.

Honorary Member of:
Constitution Lodge, Manchester, No. 3392.
Carmel Lodge Haifa, No. 1085 (Scottish Constitution)
Star Lodge, Ramallah, No. 1331. (Scottish Constitution).
Jordan Lodge, Jaffa, No. 1399. (Scottish Constitution).
Golden Throne Lodge, Jerusalem, No. 1344 (Scottish Consttution.)

Bro. Cowell was an enthusiastic sportsman in his younger days, participating in all 'Ball' sports. He was a first class Rifle shot and for several years was a regular competitor at Bisley.

During the First World War he served with the Cheshire Yeomanry in Egypt and Palestine. In the Second War he served for a time as Adjutant of one of the Surrey Homeguard Battalions and during the later stages of the War, was Personal Assistant to the Officer Commanding a Gloucestershire Battalion

It was his enthusiasm and untiring efforts which resulted in assembling the Brethren who laid the foundation of this Lodge in Jerusalem in 1924. He relinquished his Office as Secretary in 1938/39 when he also retired from Palestine Government service to return to the U.K.

On transfer of the Lodge to London in 1948, he again took over the Office of Secretary, an Office he served with the greatest fidelity until his death at the age of 82 years.

A loss so important as that of the Principal Architect or our Lodge, could not fail of being generally and severely felt.
Listed below are some of our glorious and dedicated Masons and founders to whom we owe an enormous debt of gratitude for beginning the wonderful Lodge of which its present members are immensly proud.

Died Jerusalem, 23rd April, 1950.
Initiated 12th February, 1927.

Master of our Lodge, 1940.
Secretary 194348.

First Principal, Chapter of the Temple of
Jerusalem, No. 4611, 1942.
Scribe 'E', 1944-48.

Master of Lodge of King Solomon's Quarries,
Jerusalem, No. 828 1942.
Secretary, 1944-48.

P.G.Insp. of Wks. (England).  P.D.G.W. District of North Africa.

Bro. Chaikin served in the Royal Engineers throughout the First World War, mostly in France, and came to Palestine soon afterwards. Having great regard for his Father, a Chief Rabbi, learned in rabinical law, our Brother was a worthy son of a worthy Father and he continually studied the Torah and the Talmud, that great encyclopaedia of 60000 pages.

He was soon the doyen of his profession in Palestine, and was the examining representative of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He was the Architect for the Tel Aviv Post Office, a fine monument to his professional skill. His plans for Haifa Town Hall were exhibited at the Royal Academy.

From 1927, onwards, much of his time was devoted to Freemasonry, greatly aided by his intimate knowledge of Hebrew and by his professional qualifications. He was a materialist and sought to trace and prove every Masonic statement.  He wrote an admirable history of the first twenty first years of our lodge and he made a most helpful scientific survey of The Royal Quarries of Solomon, which he published in a book, including an account of the activities of King Solomon's Quarries Mark Lodge.
Under a 'nom de plume', he wrote a prize winning essay entitled "The work of the Principal Sojourner

In the Second World War he served as a Major, Royal Engineers, Palestine, and was proud that his sons were also serving. Alan in the Indian Army and Gerald in the Merchant Navy, The culmination of his pride must have been when the Agenda for the Regular Lodge Meeting held on 12th March, 1946, showed as follows;

2. To Initiate as a minor, Mr. Gerald Gabriel CHAIKIN, (age 20 years, dispensation granted my M, W.Grand Master on 9th day, November, 1945.

3. To Raise Bro, Alan Leo CHAIKIN, (Initiated 29th August 1945.)

It was a signal honour that he was appointed an officer of Grand Lodge, at the Especial Grand Lodge, held at the Albert Hall, in 1948. M.W. Bro. His Majesty King George VI, was on the Throne and invested the Brethren,

On learning of the sad news of our Brothers death, the Grand Secretary wrote with great regret and spoke of the valued service rendered by Bro. Chaikin to the Craft.

Died 29th April, 1988.

Founder of our Lodge.

Master of our Lodge 1947, Jerusalem.

Master of our Lodge 1948, London.

Lodge Organist at the Consecration and many
of the ensuing years.

Initiated 1920, Lotus Lodge, Cairo

Bro. Sidney joined the Army during the First World War and
served for many years in the Middle East.

After leaving the army he worked for a Government Department.
He was made an M.B.E. in 1947, for his exemplary work and devotion to duty.

As a Founder of the Lodge he had the opportunity to hold the highest offices, but his endearing modesty caused him to decline all offers. He was looked upon, as the V.S.L. puts it, "the father of all such as handle the Harp and Organ". In 1947, Sidney finally occupied the Masters Chair, but was forced to return to the U.K. before completing his year as W.Master.
When the Lodge returned to this Country, Sidney again occupied the W. Masters Chair during 1948, thus becoming the only member to date, to be W. Master for more than one year.

In 1977, the Lodge made him an Honorary Member in recognition of the many years of devoted service he had given to the Lodge in particular.
Age and failing eyesight forced our Brother to relinquish his Office as Organist and subsequently his attendance was also affected. His love of his Lodge gave him the strength and determination to attend his last meeting on 27th May, 1983, at the grand age of 95 years. At the Festive Board of this meeting, Sidney enthralled those present, particularly the younger members, with his lucid recollections of the Lodge during its years in Jerusalem.
The funeral took place at St. James the Great Church, Bierton, near Aylesbury. In earlier years Sidney had often played the Organ at this Church and Rev. Michael Whaley, also a Brother, recited Ecclesiastes Ch. 12. Verses 17, during a moving ceremony.  A fitting end for our Brother, who took his place in that G.L. above at the age of 100 years.

Founders of the Lodge