W.Bro Barry Greenberry
Suddenly and without warning passed away to the Grand Lodge above
2nd June 2015, at the age of 53.

Our thoughts will always be with his beloved partner Glenn.


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In Memoriam - Barry Greenberry.  RIP

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For the information of those visiting the page and who were unable to attend the funeral we have published the order of service below.
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Personal Tribute by Roger Outram. Click here to read

Only just found this website. I knew Barry in the Prison Service and met Glenn. I liked both of them a great deal. It was terribly sad to hear of his passing and I still think about him often. A bright light gone far too soon.

Lynn Bowles

A good man at heart and did me some good turns at a difficult time in my life. Rip Barry.

Terry Winn

Wow! Have only just seen that Barry has passed away. Worked with him at HMP Belmarsh many years ago now. Always got on so well with him & had just been thinking about some of the absolute laughs we used to have, which led me to googling him to see where he was now! Met his partner Glenn a few times and what a lovely couple they were. Very sad to hear of Barry's passing. He was an absolute pleasure to work and socialise with. RIP Gov Greenberry. Much love to Glenn & their families xx

Gayle Hope

I went to school with Barry and Michael they were two years above me and both really lovely boys.I met Barry again years later and we chatted then again about 10/12 years ago I was picking up a prisoner from guys Marsh prison and we met up again he was a lovely man and I'm so very very sad to hear of his loss my thoughts are with his partner and his family 

Joanne Clifford school friend

Having read Barry's obituary some 8 months later following his sad departure to the grand lodge above to say I am shocked is an understatement. What an inspirational man, a just and perfect freemason, and a great friend. I pass on my condolences to all of Barry's family, Glenn and all of the Lodge members past and present. Clive Dodd, Past Master of the Lodge of King Solomon's Temple No 4611.

Clive Dodd

I have only just heard of Barry's passing and the sadness I feel at the loss of an inspirational and dynamic force leaves me with a very heavy heart. I had the pleasure of working with Barry at Dorchester Prison and also at Guys Marsh Prison. I had huge respect for this innovative and inspirational man who was not afraid to try new methods and fully supported projects that challenged conventional ideas.
I will always be grateful to him not only for his support professionally but also personally. I will never forget the compassion he showed towards me and the words he wrote after attending my late husbands funeral. Thank you Barry for everything, your belief, your humanity, your heartfelt sincerity and your vision. A great loss to the Prison Service and life.
My thoughts are with Glenn and the family.

Winnie Meteer

I knew Barry through work and we crossed paths on a number of occasions during the last 20 years. I was saddened to hear that he had been taken from us so early. He was always a pleasure to work with and then great fun to socialise with when the day was finished.
Deepest condolences to you.

David Kennedy

I first met Barry when he came to Wandsworth, little did I know that this man would have a huge impact on my work, my home situation and my career choices. I described Barry as a rollercoaster I didnt want to work with but once started couldnt get rid of him! I learnt so much from him and he remained a friend someone who would point me in the right direction and was always there if I needed him. We lost touch but have seen both him and Glenn over the years. Deepest condolences to Glenn and his family. We have lost a truly remarkable man who had an impact on some many peoples lives.

Debbie Maddock

Very sorry to hear of Barry's demise. My thoughts are of course with Glenn and Barry's family. I had the pleasure of being Barrie's Deputy Governor at Whatton. In the time we worked together I realised he was a rare talent . He always said that he would only change what needed changing, and of course he changed and enhanced everything. On a personal level I learned a lot from him, and always knew he would support me in my endeavours. He is a sad loss and the Prison Service lost a real talent when he went to the private sector. Society is the worse for his loss. Deepest condolences from myself and my wife.

Tony Powell