In Memoriam - Jim Titcombe (Titter's Page)
W.Bro Jim Titcombe LGR
(PPG Supt of Works Hants & IOW)
Passed away to the Grand Lodge Above
14 April 2006
aged 78 Years
In Hospital whilst undergoing treatment of a long term illness.

He will remain in our memories until time with us is no more.


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Messages of Sympathy
From:  Graham Fenwick,  Wed 19/04/2006 19:03

Jim will be remembered for his gentle dry sense of humour and caring nature. Respected by all who had the pleasure to spend time with him.

Rest in Peace dear Brother and friend.

God bless and sincere condolences to the family.

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From:    Jim Bochsler, Thu 25/05/2006 21:19

Jim was an inspiration to me to continue and progress in Freemasonry. He led by example and he was honest in his principals to withdraw from those with whom he had disagreed for whatever reason. I am proud to have been associated with him

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Order of Service
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Jim Titcombe’s Masonic Career


Royal Arch


Royal Ark

Rose Croix


Knights of

Royal &


Initiated 28th October 1977 Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple London No. 4611 London Grand Rank
Also P M of Waller Rodwell Wright Hampshire No. 2755
D C of Zetland No. 515
P M of Montgomerie Lodge No. 1741
Exalted 8th December 1978 Temple Chapter of Jerusalem London No. 4611
London Grand Chapter Rank
Advanced 27th November 1980 King Solomon’s Quarries No. 828 London
Past Asst Grand Director Ceremonies
Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden
Also, Hartismere Mark Lodge No. 957, East Anglia
Elevated 29th November 1985 King Solomon’s Quarries No. 828 London
Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank
Also, Hartismere Royal Arch Mariner Lodge No. 957, East Anglia
Proclaimed 18th March 1981 Orpheus Chapter No. 79 London
Also, United Anglian Chapter No. 645, East Anglia
Admitted 13th October Sancta Maria Preceptory No. 183 London
Past Provincial Standard Bearer
Also, Preceptory of St John No. 418 East Anglia

Admitted 18th November Sancta Maria Priory No. 183 London
Also, Preceptory of St John No. 418 East Anglia
Acknowledged 9th June 1983 Constantine Council No. 2 London
Past Grand Standard Bearer
Also, St Edmund of Hoxne Council No. 192 East Anglia
Founder Ethelbert the Martyr Council No. 265 East Anglia
Indentured 21st April 1986 Castle Acre Assemblage